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Working remotely might seem like an entrepreneur’s dream: a home office, waking up at any time of day, working in your pajamas, no one to bother you—what could be better? Flexibility and freedom are some of the greatest benefits of working from home, or anywhere, for that matter. However, while there is a lot to be gained in the world of remote work, it is also possible that such a flexible schedule could end up making a person feel quite lost. Even as many people are turning their backs on the typical 9-5 office job, there are positive aspects to a routine work week, especially when you aren’t the most organized or motivated person (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us). That routine keeps you focused, it keeps you accountable and eliminates a lot of variables that could affect your performance. It keeps you moving forward at a steady pace.

Collaborate. Connect. Create.

Are you productive working from home?

For those with boundless energy and the discipline to stick to their own schedules, working from home is a no-brainer, and much more productive. But for someone who finds it difficult to hold themselves accountable when there is no one else around to do so, remote work could prove to be a fruitless waste of precious time. That is why finding a suitable coworking space could make a significant difference in productivity. Rather than working in isolation, those who choose to work remotely should seek to join a space where other entrepreneurs and business owners make the most of their workdays. It is invigorating to find yourself surrounded by people on a mission, heads down and minds engrossed in their work. Think of the most popular places to work or study outside of an office: coffee shops, libraries, lounges. Think of all the people working away at their laptops, typing furiously on the keys, and how infectious that energy is. It triggers something in your mind, something that says: “Okay, let’s get down to business.” Being a member of a coworking space is similar, but the added benefits outnumber those that one might find by simply sitting down to get a few hours of work in at their local cafe. The chance to network with and learn from other entrepreneurs is one of the greatest opportunities available to those who join a coworking space (Entrepreneur.com).

The variety of businesses and entrepreneurs that a person has access to in a coworking space is a wonderful plus. There is always an opportunity to network, a chance to learn from fellow business owners each day and all within the same shared space. The possibility for referrals is endless, as well as the chance for members to collaborate with one another, on their terms. However, many coworking spaces, also create areas for entrepreneurs to work privately, offering quieter and less occupied environments inside a hub of activity. This balance between community interactions and private time gives members a sense of freedom because they get to choose when, where, and how they work. According to a study featured on Office Vibe, 90% of entrepreneurs that are members of a coworking space reported a boost in their confidence since joining, and this confidence comes not only from the community of people working around them but from the knowledge that they are in control of their own time and productivity.    

Coworking spaces, like My City Cowork, will often offer their members access to networking events or workshops, giving an aspiring entrepreneur the chance to improve his or her skills not only as a businessperson but as a people-person. Many coworking spaces also provide added perks including coffee and snacks on-demand, in house printing services, attentive staff, and much more. Daily concerns like a proper WiFi connection or having enough ink and paper in your printer are eliminated by joining a coworking space, and different office options are available to entrepreneurs, remote workers, CEO’s and freelancers with varying budgets, allowing for flexibility and scalability. Renting a coworking space doesn’t have to mean occupying an entire private office. Members can work at a shared desk space, obtain a daily pass if they plan on working part-time from home or even purchase a membership that simply lists their business at the address of the coworking space. The idea is to take as much off the members’ shoulders as possible so that their time and energy can be spent building up their companies.  

Collaboration = Inspiration

The collaborative nature of these spaces is particularly valuable for remote workers who need that sense of community to continuously fuel their fire of inspiration. In the words of motivational speaker Jim Rohn:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Why not surround yourself with more than five,  dedicated, ambitious business owners with varying skill sets, backgrounds, and knowledge? Working in isolation for an extended period of time can be detrimental not only to a person’s quality of work but his or her overall quality of life. Whether you are outgoing and sociable or prefer to keep to yourself, the benefits of working alongside other entrepreneurs allows one to stay focused on accomplishing goals and pushing forward to achieve a dream much bigger than yourself. 


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